Jamie Lynn was born in L.A. County, California August, 19th 1977. Stationed in California most of her life she has traveled more in her mind than abroad, and since her childhood has been obsessed with fantasy and science fiction.
Being proficient in both artistic and mathematical skills, Jamie delved into the architectural world at the age of 19 - climbing the corporate ladder for years. Jamie quickly learned that the corporate life was not her true passion and began dabbling with the free-lance world of art and graphic arts in 2000. She then established Jamie Lynn Design in 2004. Jamie now resides in Southern California.
Jamie is currently building her portfolio and experimenting with her dark vs. light inner beings. The other gallery sections are some of her favorite works from childhood on. She is currently working on developing her collections of paintings. Keep checking back to see new works posted.

Contact Jamie Lynn by emailing her @ jamie@jamielynndesign.com.

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